About Us

The Arctis story began in the window seat of a hotel room in Norway. After a long day at work with views of the fjords and the mountains it seemed like the perfect place to curl up and race my way through “The Amber Spyglass”… again! The scene was set; I was warm, I had the most incredible view and a wonderful book, but I just didn’t have that “cosy” feeling. I nestled myself on the window seat with extra pillows and blankets in an effort to replicate my snug sofa at home, I played some music to try and recreate the atmosphere, but something was still lacking. And I realised that at home I always lit candles and it was them that I really missed, without them I didn’t have that fragrant aroma, the delicate flickering candlelight, the occasional crackling noise as the wick wore on. Of course, hotels have restrictions, and I couldn’t storm the front desk demanding a candle so that I could feel more prepared to read the final chapters! It made me realise how much I enjoyed both candlelight and the assortment of scents that candles come in.

I started to appreciate candles and the artisans that created them more and more. But I also started to notice that not all candles are created equal and how many of them can cause damage to our environment (something I’m passionate about as a trained zoologist.) I started to look more at vegan or soy candles so I could invest in products that gave me that cosy feeling without a side of guilt. The more I researched ingredients and delved into the world of eco candles the more it dawned on me that I could take matters into my own hands and I really wanted to try and make them for myself.

After a mix of mishaps, mess and magic I found the best wicks and waxes to create candle wizardry and Arctis Design was thus founded in early 2019. The name and logo were inspired by the beautiful Arctic Fox that my playful Samoyed pup Ghost so closely resembles! The vision? To create unique and beautiful candles that give that unbeatable feeling of cosy comfort without compromising on the core values of sustainability and remaining environmentally friendly.

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All of the Arctis candles are handpoured and quality checked at home before being packaged and shipped to our customers. We try, wherever possible, to source ecofriendly materials and all of our products are made in our home studio in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful area that inspires so much quiet creativity. We hope that when you open your Arctis Candle and light it, that you feel the same joy that we do in creating them.